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On November 1, 2017, in the Spanish city of Tolosa five best choirs in the world competed for the highest accolade in choral performance - the European Grand Prix. And, for the second time in its near-30 year existence, the Grand Prix went to Russia, both times having been awarded to our Ponomaryov VESNA Children’s Choir.

The second victory at the 29th European Grand Prix competition was an unheard-of achievement as the competitors were four adult choirs of the highest caliber, coming from France, Latvia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

All of the five choirs had, in the previous year, won at the most prestigious competition events in Italy, Hungary, France, Bulgaria and Spain – and that had given them the right to compete against each other in Tolosa. Ponomaryov VESNA Children’s Choir had won first place and received the Grand Prix at the competition in Debrecen, Hungary, an event that requires utmost talent and professionalism.

In Tolosa VESNA presented a truly superb program, performing Renaissance, Romantic and Modern pieces, spiritual and secular music, Russian and foreign compositions, folk and classical songs. The climactic performance was “Prayer” by Taneev (poem by Polonsky).

The Choir showed particular virtuosity in performing pieces by a Moscow composer Ephrem Podgaits. But the technical perfection was not the only feature of the Choir that so powerfully appealed to all the listeners.

At the end of the event all judges expressed their admiration of the fantastic musicality, professionalism, musical culture and absolute artistic freedom of the Choir, all of which combined with the highest performance quality and an amazing extent of the Choir’s repertoire.

The outcome of the event, according to the Head and Conductor of the Choir Nadezhda Averina, was unexpected, overwhelming and envigorating, and the children were feeling absolutely ecstatic and crying for joy.

Professional musicians and music lovers were able to listen to the Competition via direct streaming. VESNA’s performance has reverberated through the whole world and congratulatory letters have been coming from all corners of the globe. VESNA has been invited to tour, sing and compete in France, Singapore, South Africa, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

VESNA Children’s Choir

The Ponomaryov VESNA Chidren’s Choir is a true miracle, created for ordinary kids at the North Moscow District.

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